Friday, June 19, 2009

Back to Gulu.....

its chris again.......So today was our last day here on the land.....tomorrow morning we will head off to Gulu where we will spend our last 10 days...
We have had a great time here....the past few days have been not soo busy due to the large amount of people here serving but alot had been done
the slab was poured and finished on the first house.....all of the land for the agriculture fields has been cleared. foundation finished for school...700 pineapples planted on the plot we cleared and even uprooted stumps----with an axe and hoe....that was hard work....
thank you for the prayer about more effectiveness and opporunities in ministering...we have had a great week of talking with those we work out Bibles...and jsut sharing with them more about God...
After church last sunday one of the men there asked us to go with him to visit his village close by and do our program for the orphans we went on the 3 mile walk there and back.....long way but a great was a small group but we shared with them and they with us....they had a local chuch near by but the roof and side wall had collapsed and the people had no money to buy materials to fix it so they had not been meeting....we were able to give the pastor some money that would help with that as well as for the few orphans.,,,,it was great to be a blessing there......though it was an awkward moment when we had to explain we were not leaders with village of hope that could sponsor those kids....i think that is was he was more expecting but God used us nonetheless

Tomorrow on our way to Gulu we will spend some time at a safari park and taking a boat ride to some falls out on the nile...we are very excited...especially to go back and see our friends in Gulu
Please pray that a muslim man by the name of Wojay will get saved before we leave...
Jennie, Lindsay and Zack have built a huge relationship in his life....he lives near our hotel and they have spending time with him pretty much everyday when we were in Gulu....they given him a Bible...which he said he read John and had a whole list of questions.....they were also able to help him when he got sick with malaria...they went with him to the hospital and got him medicine...God is really working in his life...we know the seed is planted....praying strongly God will bring it to harvest!!!

Also in Gulu...we will be traveling back to the camps just visiting hut to hut and sharing with people....Please pray God will continue to use us in the last days here!!!

thanks for all your prayers and support....we are all healthy and strong doing well!!!



  1. Its so fun to follow yall's blog and to see the incredible ways in which God is working in your lives as well as the lives of the people you are reaching out to. I pray for you guys regularly and am so blessed by the initiative you have taken in your relationships with Christ. Its such an encouragement to see the way in which God is providing for you all. I pray God's protective hand to continue to be working in your ministry and I pray for your strength to be renewed each and everyday. I pray that God would continue to show himself to you and the people you come in contact with and that you would continue to water for the harvest! I pray that God would be with each of your families and give them a sense of peace as you continue to be the hands and feet of Christ. I hope that you continue to have a blessed trip and keep up the good work! :-)

  2. Wojay WILL get saved. You guys are doing awesome. Keep it up! God is going to bless you incredibly in these next several days... I can feel it. Praying for your health and your witnesses!!! :)

  3. ps don't laugh at my 7th grade screen name ;) This is Carly Finck by the way. TWINNIE I MISS YOU/LOVE YOU!

  4. Hey, guys so glad to hear that you are doing well--both spiritually and physically. We will definitly pray that you will be able to water the seed that had been planted in Wojay's life and hopefully God will give the increase before you leave to return to the states. Sounds like ministry on the land was very effective with much accomplished to prepare for a dream to come to fruition--just think a home for 400 homeless and displaced people to live and learn about God and His goodness. We will contiune to pray for your health, safety, and opportunities to be the hads and feet of Jesus.

  5. I just found your blog - and am excited to see what God's been doing through your team. Wojay is blessed to have you guys enter into his life. Have a great time seeing God's creation on the Nile and safe travels!