Thursday, June 11, 2009

sorry about the delay.....

Hey its Chris....sorry it has been so long since we posted...we havent had much internet time and i think eveyone was thinking someone else was posting....but here we are finishing day 11 on the land.....we have done alot in these long hot days....
cleared a plot for a pinapple tree feild.....girls using the axe was a real sight but they did well....
we have recently been gathering huge trees to use as fence post to surround this 100 acre land....we will dip them in kreosol to prevent termite damage then put up the fence....
we have pumped a ton of water...soon a generator and pump will arrive to allow for tap water....cant wait..but until then we are gainin muscle.....alot!!!
foundation for the primary school is finished, and the foundation for the first house is almost done....
As a team we are doing well....enjoying the sporadic trips into town...its funny how we starve for civilization sometime....well at least so-called civilization compared to living here in the bush..
we are all getting a nice tan....some people have red
menu has been alot of rice and beans ..spagettii!!!....we taught them how to make fried chicken nuggets and mashed we are tryin for some better we are def content with whatever food we can get as energy..
Mike(the contractor for the village of hope) just arrived from florida, his wife and daughter will be here soon...they will be here for 5 years overseeing the completion of this village----a team of 13 men from his church also showed up with him to spend 10 days alot of work is getting accomplished,,,,

Regarding ministry......Rose brought the kids from the safe house here this past weekend and they spent the was a great time spending with them....they love the fellowship and care ...we sat aroud the fire singing praises to God that night.....its great to see and hear the heart for the Lord especially after what traumatizing experiences they have been through..
Lately our prayer has we hope you will join us...i smore effectiveness in ministry...its hard out here in the middle of the bush....but we have began relationships with those locals working with us....we have been able to provide bibles and even a devotional book for a man named Moses who is a local youth pastor working with us during the day.
Many of the locals we work with are all from further north but fled here when the war broke out...many have lost sublings and parents from the war....its been a great time encouraging them in the Lord and how He remains faithful even when times are rough..
We are looking for more opportunies to share the gospel....
So we have about 10 more days here then back to Gulu ministering there....thanks so much for all your support and prayers!!!!
Currently we all are healthy.....Praise the Lord....and losing gaining muscle
Our heart has really been to leave an impact for the Lord.....we will give all we can!!!!
For Christ's Sake,


  1. Chris thank you for the update--that was great and very informative---our church is following your every move--and praying every step of the way. Sounds like your opportunities for ministry are both diversified and Christ like-- who met both the physical and spiritual needs of those He encountered in three very short but effective years. I am confident that every tree you chop down and every pail of water pumped and carried will pave the way for the gospel to fall on many hungry hearts needing the hope of the redemption. Keep being the hands, feet and mouth of Jesus. In doing so you will be ministers of reconciliation, living letters and examples to follow.--hey tell Lindz how it is your parents are able to call you guys--So We Can Call too!

  2. Chris,
    I am so glad that yall are helping them a lot. I know that yall are making such a difference... we will be leaving on wednesday to come over there as well... maybe we will see yall.
    I will be sure to keep yall in my prayers as I hope that all of you remain safe and love these people. It sound like yall are adapting well :) hope to see you soon. Have Fun. Be Safe. Give God the Glory. :)

  3. It's great to see that things are going well there. Keep working, keep praying, and stay safe!

    Praying for you all,

  4. Thank you Chris for letting us know about what is all going on . We love hearing about everything. Our thought & prayers are with
    each of you as you do God's work there in Uganda. Stay strong in your Faith and with your health! G&G