Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father;s Day!!!!

Happy Father's Day....we love you Dad..s......wish we could be with you on this day but thanks to you we can be

btw....our van broke down about 2 miles down the road today on our way to the we will be off tomorrow for the safari then to gulu......we had a great 2nd last day in gulu getting packed up and spending time playing with the kids


Much love to our incredible Father's!!!!


  1. We love you and still praying for your team. God bless all of you as you minister to the kids in Gulu.
    Can't wait till you return and tell us all about your trip. Take lots of pictures. G&G

  2. Thanks Granny and Grandaddy! I hope you guys have a wonderful Father's Day!! I miss you both very much!! Tell my dad I said Hello!! Love you both very much!- Beccah

  3. Hey Amanda, Victoria here...Just wanted to let you know the fist day of Lobby Days for the Invisible Children went fantastic today! Wish you coulda seen the room full of 1,800 people from all over the country, standing up to show our government we're serious about ending this war!! Bobby said to tell you and the rest of the team that they're thrilled to hear about everything you're doing in Uganda, and that he will try to check out the blog and post a comment soon! You guys are in our prayers: thanks for being such an inspiration to all us back in the states!

    Victoria Marroquin